Top Travel Trends for 2022 - Award Winning Destinations

Top Travel Trends for 2022

Travelers in 2022 are proactive and environmentally conscious from all age groups and planning now to get the best possible experience for their hard-earned travel budget. Trends are already forming for 2022 with some pleasant additions to the traditional vacation package.

1. Luxury Train Travel

While it may seem to be a thing of the past, luxury train travel is back, and it is as luxurious as ever! With many trains being restored to their former glory as in the days of the golden era of train travel, there is more opportunity for you to experience a seriously high-class train travel experience today throughout the world. Train companies have finally realized they must offer something different. Once the height of luxury, 2022 looks set to be the year that trains regain their position as the most sophisticated way to travel. No matter where in the world you hope to explore, there’ll likely be a luxury train journey for you.

2, Second City Travel

Second City Travel is essentially the practice of skipping out on a major city and visiting a lesser known one nearby, instead. This is a rising trend as it is more budget-friendly, less crowded, and typically more culturally beneficial. Simply put, second city travel involves a destination that doesn’t spring to mind when a country is mentioned. In the USA, a first city might be New York and a second city might be Chicago. The first city has the postcards, the songs, the crowds. Most tourists skip the second city altogether. However, if you take the time to explore the second cities of the world, you’ll be greatly rewarded. Consistent across second city travel are several traits: terrific regional food, a more laid-back pace and most of all, great value.

3. DNA Trips

As long as there’s been travel there’s been an appetite for visiting where our ancestors are from. DNA Trips, aka ‘ancestral tourism’ is on the rise, with companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry taking a hold on the travel market with their DNA-based travel opportunities. The desire to track down our genealogical background is overwhelming today, and when you sign up for things such as a 23andMe DNA kit you get a visual breakdown of where your ancestors came from. In an era when you can provide a bit of bodily fluid and get a comprehensive run down of your family history, there is a wonderful opportunity to combine both personal and planetary exploration.

4. Insta-Tourism

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most influential social media platforms out there right now and is having a huge effect on travelers. Today travelers are inspired by media-fueled tourism posts, most platforms saturated with selfie-snapping socialites sharing their perfect travel experiences. Seeing real people travel and take real snapshots of their destinations seems to be much more trustworthy for travelers today than looking through brochures or online sales pitches. In the past, you were forced to share this excitement via tedious slideshow nights, but today travelers can instantly broadcast their fun to the masses via Instagram. Just remember, be respectful of your location and don’t go overboard just to get that perfect Instagram shot.

5. Solo Travel

Traveling solo can be a bit intimidating for some and people used to think of it as quite distinct in the type of persona that could head out on a vacation without a traveling companion. Yet, this year, there has been a new emergence of what it means to go on a solo vacation, a trend we’ll see more of in 2022. Rather than thinking of it as a backpacking excursion akin to something like Reese Witherspoon’s film Wild, companies have started to alter vacation packages to cater towards solo travelers. Traveling alone can be lonely when you’re not a student backpacker as hotels aren’t the easiest places to make friends, hostels can be a little rough around the edges and Airbnb’s can be isolating as guests often find themselves in residential neighborhoods rather than city centers. One solution is co-living – essentially a form of modern commune for professionals which is generating a following both among locals and out-of-towners.

6. Remote Travel Working

As the gig economy gathers momentum, more and more professionals will choose to work and travel at the same time. And, as the number of digital nomads grows in 2022, so too will the infrastructure designed to support them. It’s impossible to shut off entirely from work especially if you are an entrepreneur managing a business back home. So, travelers will look for travel options that offer functional internet connectivity. This will let them connect with their office and emails while relaxing out in new cities. Se expect the workaholic travelers to seek venturing into metropolitan cities in 2022. Popular metropolitan cities include classic tourist favorites like London, New York, and Dubai. These places not only offer great urban tourism experiences but also let the executive in you stay in touch with their work and not worry that someone else has taken their job when you get back!

7. Environmental Travel

The term ‘environmental travel’ can have many different meanings to many different people, from sustainable travel methods and locations to natural habitat vacations, or maybe even volunteer vacations. The thing is, all of these ‘green’ travel trends are on the rise, and we love them all. While travel is good for the mind and the soul, it is just awful for the planet. Due to the transport it employs, travel has an enormous carbon footprint, and with climate change coming into ever-sharper focus, 2022 looks set to be the year that eco-travel becomes properly mainstream.

8. Underground Supper Clubs

These mystical food-fueled gatherings are popping up all over the world. These restaurants or clubs are for people interested in unique culinary experiences. Often, these take the form of a “pop up dinner” at an unusual location with a guest celebrity chef or they may be a dinner held in the chef’s home. Sometimes you get the menu or location beforehand, others share the menu and location only after your reservation has been confirmed. The beauty of this form of dining is you typically never know what to expect as you join 10-30 strangers to enjoy a culinary adventure. The demand is so high that there is almost a “secret list” diners seek to be on.

9. Multi-generational Holidays

Closing the generation gap where grandparents accompany parents and children abroad, have continued to gain momentum and today, over 60% of families either go on multi-generational holidays or are considering it. With the summer being long and costly, split generation is the next big thing in the world of family holidays. Taking grandchildren away gives parents a break and the opportunity to save up annual vacation time. This also highlights that cost could be more of a consideration for parents, and a good opportunity for the older generation who have more disposable income to help them out with holiday costs. This is a great opportunity to be more adventurous and open their children’s eyes to new countries, and lasting memories with loved ones across split generations.

10. Micro Trips

Although most of us wish that we could explore a new destination every week, that just isn’t possible. Workers only get a small amount of vacation time away from the office, and this can get used up quickly. That’s why people love micro trips so much. These adventures normally start on Friday evening and end on Sunday evening and allow people to travel without sacrificing their jobs. Micro Trips are more work/vacation time friendly, more budget-friendly, and more schedule-friendly, yet they provide the same cultural and mental benefits as longer vacations do. Though you may only be gone for 2-4 days, you will still benefit from stress relief, creative boosts, and cultural expansion as you will be leaving your own comfort zone regardless of where you are going