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8 Places on the Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

There are still some places on Earth where the sun never sets, and you will never know when to sleep and when to wake up, thanks to their proximity to the pole. On average, they receive daytime for up to 20 to 24 hours, and sometimes they remain sunny and bright for weeks and months. The midnight sun phenomenon takes place because the earth tilts on its axis by around 23 degrees.

1. Alaska

The sun doesn’t set in the country of Alaska from late May to late July. Beautiful and breathtaking, the country is in darkness in the harsh months of winter. Known for its spectacular glaciers and snow-capped mountains; you can go hiking or sightseeing. Imagine watching those beautiful mountains glistening with snow at 2 am in morning.

2. Canada

The world’s second largest country, several parts of Canada are covered with snow all through the year. In places like Inuvik and the Northwest territories, the sun shines for about 50 days in summer. Some things to do when visiting Canada: go for Aurora viewing, mountaineering, hot springs, suspension bridge walk, road trips on the world’s second-largest stretches and a lot of historical monuments.

3. Finland

The land of a thousand lakes and islands, most parts of Finland see the sun for 73 days, during summers. Besides seeing the northern lights, you can enjoy staying in glass igloos and skiing. In the autumn months, the fall leaves and colors offer some spectacular views.

4. Greenland

If you want to see the midnight sun in Greenland, visit the capital city, Nuuk which is a kind of adventure center where you can enjoy a lot of opportunities for sea angling, fly-fishing, hiking, paragliding, and climbing. If you want to witness the eerie glow of summer’s midnight sun on icebergs, visit some of the best coastal landscapes of Greenland at western fjords.

5. Iceland

A beautiful country, Iceland is Europe’s largest island after Great Britain. Iceland gets sunlight from May 10 through July, where the sun is above the horizon all the time. Besides the breathtaking northern lights, the country offers various delightful activities like hiking, wildlife watching, whale watching, caving, cycling and visiting the national parks.

6. Norway

Situated in the Arctic Circle, Norway is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. For about a period of 76 days from May to late July, the sun never sets. The bright sunlight engulfs the entire region for about 20 hours a day. In Svalbard, Norway, which is the northern-most inhabited region of Europe, the sun shines continuously from April 10 to August 23. Visit the region and live for days, for there is no night.

7. Russia

Beliye Nochi, the iconic White Nights of St. Petersburg starts on May 26 until mid-July. Technically, it is not a midnight sun in Europe (despite being located south of Arctic Circle). It has no real night. You can spot a nautical twilight which shows the lightest skies from mid-June to early July. Here, residents have celebrated the end of winter months since the 16th century.

8. Sweden

Usually, warmer compared to the other countries on this list, the sun in Sweden sets around midnight and is up again at 4:30 am, from early May to late August. You can spend these long days by keep yourself busy with adventurous activities. Or how about fishing, playing golf, skiing, watching the northern lights, visiting the national parks, exploring the lowland trails?