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7 Locations That Alien & UFO Fans Should Visit

Get your telescopes out if you’re looking to explore possible places to see aliens, or just participate in some alien-themed fun. Some ancient structures have mysterious origins, leading conspiracy theorists to believe it was made by men from Mars. Others have several reports of strange events and sightings, causing many curious travelers to visit and maybe get a chance to see something rare.

1. Roswell, New Mexico

If you are a big fan of UFOs and aliens, you’ve heard of the mysterious Roswell Incident that took place in July of 1947. The U.S. military announced that there was a spaceship crash along with an alien body discovered, then later claimed it was only a weather balloon. Ever since then, many tourists and curious fans have flocked here to visit. Head on over to the Roswell Museum & Arts Center to learn more about the history of this town and its surrounding events, and even scope out some cool artifacts. If you get to spot a UFO and feel like celebrating, attend the annual Roswell UFO Festival, and show your love for all things alien by competing in their costume contest and joining their alien-themed parade.

2. Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge in England is known as one of the most mysterious landmarks in the world. More than 10,000 years old, this structure was built with a level of skill and technique that is now considered extremely advanced for its time. It’s cut with perfect lines, almost as if a highly advanced machine formed it, causing people to question how this structure came to be. As every fan of the TV show Ancient Aliens knows, this kind of mystery can only lead many to question who constructed this stone formation and why. Be warned that the site gets busy and can only be entered through an admission fee entrance.

3. San Clemente, Chile

A 19-mile trail that’s known for UFO sightings at least once a week. Trek through the scenic Andes for some beautiful sights and the chance to see something unusual. Even if you don’t get to see some little green men, at least you’ll have plenty of amazing photo opportunities. If you get hungry along the way, there are a variety of restaurants around for you to rest and recharge. To continue your extraterrestrial journey, head on over to El Enladrillado, which is just a few hours’ drive away. This magical site has over 200 blocks of perfectly cut stones, whose mysterious origin is still unknown.

4. Wycliffe Well, Australia

Also known as the “UFO capital of Australia,” many people don’t know about this site as it’s located along the Stuart Highway in the country’s Northern Territory. This roadside attraction is also host to Wycliffe Well Holiday Park, a strange alien-themed junction. Since the time of World War II, reports of unidentified flying objects started popping up in this area, and it’s remained that way ever since. When you’re done exploring, head over to get some food as you complete your travels. Wycliffe Wells also boasts one of the Northern Territory’s widest selections of beers.

5. Hooper, Colorado

In Hooper, Colorado, several reports of missing animals and mysterious creatures have earned this spooky place a spot on alien spotters lists. So many people began traveling here that the UFO Watchtower was established so onlookers can get a 360-degree view of Hooper’s beautiful starry sky. Camp out in this beautiful, scenic hideaway and get your cameras ready — because if you look hard enough, you may just spot something strange. If you ever find yourself in Colorado, camp out by the UFO Watchtower and look out for some flying saucers. Even if you don’t catch any supernatural sights, you’ll have the sparkling night sky to keep you mesmerized.

6. Molyobka Triangle, Russia

Russia’s Ural Mountains are home to the famous Perm Anomalous Zone, one of the world’s most mysterious places. Also known as the Molyobka Triangle, or M Triangle, the area is rumored to have similar powers to the Bermuda Triangle, and as such, myths and legends abound about this remote location. There are stories of watches that mysteriously stop ticking, hovering crafts and colored lights in the night sky. Some consider this kind of paranormal activity to be an indication of energy emissions from cracks in the earth owing to alien activity. Though this is not verified by science, there is no doubting the intriguing nature of the region.

7. Bonnybridge, Scotland

The people of Bonnybridge have been seeing UFOs and alien activity for years now. With an average of about 300 sightings every year, you must wonder how many of them are true. Even though the area has become somewhat of a “tourist trap,” certain locals have been trying to get past Prime Ministers to seriously investigate the sightings, as some people feel unsafe in the area. Unfortunately, though, there hasn’t been any Prime Minister willing to figure out the problem, most likely out of fear of looking ‘crazy’.